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World's largest and most exquisite online store for master quality, healing grade new and antique, hand hammered, tibetan chakra Singing Bowls.

Wholesale supplier and buyer's consultant for importing all kinds of Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts directly from the SOURCE - from the hand of artisans at the most competitive wholesale prices.
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Indian Exim Corporation has been in the business of bringing joy & melody into people's lives. Our products are meant to bring peace & tranquility to users & guide them on their quest to enlightenment.

In the modern era, singing bowls are more freely available than in the past, but sourcing the right quality & make bowls is still a tough process. We have through long years of experience gained valuable expertise in creating new singing bowls & sourcing authentic antique singing bowls. Our artisans are inheritors of this ancient art, passed on through generations of their ancestors & have attained a mastery of their art that creates superior quality Healing Grade Singing Bowls.
Our holistic approach towards spiritual enlightenment has led to deal in products such as wooden mallets & Cushions that are used to play the singing bowls.

We work to provide our customers ranging from music lovers to those seeking spiritual solace, who span across the globe with the finest quality instruments that offer an oasis of tranquility in a congested world.

Our Services

We have been providing our services as a wholesale supplier , online retail seller and buyer's consultant for importing all kinds of Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts.

Our major product range includes:

1. Tibetan Singing Bowl.

2. Tibetan Gong Bells, Tibetan Bells and Cymbals.

3. Premium quality Tea.

4. Eco friendly jute bags.

5. Hand made woolen rugs.

6. Tibetan wooden mask, malas and statues.

7. Brass and Bronze made Indian idols of God and Goddess.

8. Indian musical instruments

9. Silk scarves and home furnishings.

10. Christmas wall hanging decorations.


Quality is of sacred value in the art of making singing bowls & we respect & honor this tradition. Hand hammered and made from the finest metals, our products are checked consistently for their tonal quality & related sound properties. We posses first-class production & storage facilities in the city of Kolkata, well-equipped to create quality products on a regular basis & stock bulk quantities.

High quality instruments in exacting standard fabric is our trademark. We are involved in generating outstanding range of esteemed products. Each of our product are strictly scrutinised by vigilant analysts, through out the production process. Our working experts are committed to ply the best product to our customers.


We boast of a complete in-house production unit at Kolkata, INDIA. It is well-equipped with the latest technology equipment. Under the supervision of experienced company experts the company has emerged as rising force in its own horizon. We have our own warehouse storage system for proper storage of our purchased goods at New York in USA


Our exclusive range of musical New singing bowls and antique Tibetan singing bowls have enticed many domestic and global clients. We have tuned-up numerous music lovers in the global community, who have recognised our capacity to preserve the harmony in the world of atrocity.

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